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Stone Work

If you really want to add a decorative feature to your home and to accentuate a focal point, the Van Derhoof Siding Crews can install cultured stone to provide that extra special look to make your building stand out from your neighbors.  

Cultured Stone has come a long way from the dated look of stone siding from the 1960’s and 70’s. The advances in colors, textures, and forming   will get you the perfect look you desire to coincide with your other siding styles and colors  There are now over 100+ great product selections that look indigenous (and real) to many areas.  The installation time for cultured stone is half of other masonry products due to the weight of the product is about half of natural stone.  This is another way to get that look you want but keep costs low.  Cultured stone is one of the hottest features that homeowners are looking to add some personality to their home.  Many home buyers are attracted to houses that have this distinct look also.  

We'd love to talk with you about the project you are looking to have done. Hearing from you what the issues are with your home or business is the essential first step for us to assess the situation and to make a plan to fix it the right way the first time

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Van Derhoof Roofing offers exceptional warranties that no other roofing companies in this area can offer including a 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee, Golden Pledge Warranty and Systems Plus Warranty.

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