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    William C. Van Derhoof Sr. started Van Derhoof Roofing with his brother, Fred, in 1939 at the age of 25.  William served in the Army Air Force and was a veteran of World War ll.  After being honorably discharged, William came home to continue running the business.  William focused on mainly commercial roofing, but also installed insulation and many store front windows.  In 1962, Fred Van Derhoof, William’s brother and business partner, passed away and William ran the company alone until his son, Bill, took over. William was an accomplished violinist who enjoyed giving back to the community as a member of the Tigris Shrine, Royal Order of Jesters, Konosioni Lodge 950 F&AM, and a charter member of Valley American Legion Post 1468.

Meet the Owners

  • Chip Van Derhoof, President

    Chip Van Derhoof grew up in the family business learning all of the aspects that it takes to run a successful business. Through hard work and dedication, Chip became Vice President of Van Derhoof Roofing in June 2005. After graduating from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in business in 2002, Chip brought to the company a new generation of endurance and devotion ensuring that Van Derhoof Roofing will continue to be the roofing industry leader in Central New York for many years to come. Chip has focused on the importance of training and educating his employees so that Van Derhoof Roofing can provide the best experience for every Van Derhoof Roofing client. In 2021 he became president of the company! Chip and his wife, Carolyn, reside in Marcellus where they are raising their two children.

  • Bill Van Derhoof, Vice President

    Bill Van Derhoof became president of Van Derhoof Roofing Co., Inc. in 1975. After graduating from Clarkson University with a degree in accounting, Bill worked successfully at the Peat, Marwick, Mitchell, & Co. accounting firm before coming back to Marcellus to run the family business. Through hard work and dedication, Bill focused on residential roofing while still maintaining the company's commercial roofing roots. Bill grew the business into a company that employs over 40 workers and services hundreds of homeowners a year and has become Central New York's most successful and well respected roofing companies. In 2021 Bill stepped down and became Vice President, allowing his son Chip to be the new president of the company! Bill and his wife, Nancy, still reside in Marcellus. 

Sales & Supervisors

  • Jim Miller, Sales

    Jim Miller began working at Van Derhoof Roofing in 1984 after serving three years in the United States Army. After being honorably discharged as a Sergeant, Jim began working at Van Derhoof as a commercial roofer and later residential roofer. Jim became a salesman in 1987 and his roofing expertise has allowed him to bring a higher level of professionalism to his sales career that guarantees the customer gets the best information possible. Jim has been the #1 sales representative for Van Derhoof Roofing from 2014-2020.

  • Ed Wright, Sales

    Ed Wright began working at Van Derhoof Roofing in 1985 after serving four years in the United States Navy. After being honorably discharged as a 2nd Class Petty Officer trained as a Machinist Mate, Ed worked on the hot roofing crew as a kettle man. Ed learned to apply mop and tar roof systems, apply torch down Nord Bitumen, and learned how to install shingles on pitched roofs before they had air powered nail guns. Ed was promoted to the Van Derhoof office in 1990 and then promoted again to salesman in 2000. Ed's hard work and determination is displayed everyday as he strives to provide the best service he can to every homeowner. Ed enjoys hunting and the outdoors, he and his wife reside in Central Square with their cat Little Bear and their crazy dog Bullet.

  • Supervisor and Sales

    Jack Everett, Supervisor and Sales

    Jack Everett joined Van Derhoof Roofing in 1995 as a roofing laborer.  Growing up in residential construction, Jack’s experiences in all aspects of home construction quickly allowed him to become a foreman and manage an outstanding crew for nine years.  Jack became a supervisor in 2007 and his extensive roofing knowledge along with his personable attitude has enabled him to become a successful liaison between customers and Van Derhoof Roofing teams.  He has his 10 hour OSHA Safety certification and is a certified EPA Lead Paint Renovator. Jack enjoys snowmobiling and camping in his free time and spending time with his family.

  • Brian McGiveron, Sales

    Brian McGiveron started his career at Van Derhoof Roofing in 1998.  As a rookie laborer, Brian quickly moved up the ladder to become a roof mechanic through hard work, integrity, and perseverance.  In 2007, He became a crew foreman and used his knowledge gained from years of experience to run a successful crew excelling in shingle roofing, metal roofing, vinyl siding, and wood shake siding.  Brian is 10 hour OSHA Safety certified and a certified EPA Lead Paint Renovator. Brian was promoted in 2012 to Sales, Supervisor, and Safety Monitor. Brian enjoys camping and golfing, spending time with his kids and loves to make people laugh. 

  • Andy Baron, Supervisor

    Andy Baron has been with Van Derhoof Roofing since 1990, but has been roofing for over 35 years.  Like all of the other Van Derhoof foreman and supervisors, Andy has his 10 hour OSHA Safety Certification and is a certified EPA Lead Paint renovator.  Andy has a 3 year Carpentry Diploma from Central Tech in Syracuse and has over 7 years of experience as a foreman. Andy resides in Syracuse, nothing is more important to Andy than family. He has turned his backyard into a tropical oasis of fun for his family to enjoy and play volleyball.

  • Mike Baker, Supervisor

    Mike Baker began roofing in 2000 for Van Derhoof Roofing and became a foreman in 2002. As a roofing foreman, Mike and his workers were wood shake tear off specialists and excel at higher, steeper roofs. In 2019 Mike was promoted to a serviceman due to his numerous years of experience and exceptional roofing skills.  Mike is 10 hour OSHA Safety Certified and is certified as an EPA Lead Paint Renovator.  Mike has 12 years carpentry experience and is a GAF Master shingler and a 2007 Steep Slope Certified roofer. In March of 2022 Mike was promoted to supervisor!

Foremen & Servicemen

  • Shannon Ahern, Metal Roofing & Gutter Foreman

    Shannon Ahern started his career at Van Derhoof Roofing in 2005 as the installer for the seamless gutter and siding division, in 2018 following the purchase of our new metal roofing panel fabrication machine he became our Metal Roofing foreman.  Shannon graduated in 1995 from Marcellus High School and started working as an Iron worker for VIP Structures all around the United States.  As an employee of VIP Structures, Shannon won many awards for his performance, attendance, and safety.  He won the 2003 Safety Employee of the Year for having no “loss time injuries” for his crew of 16 workers.  Shannon has brought those high standards to Van Derhoof Roofing and provides each customer with the quality that Van Derhoof Roofing strives for.  He is a skilled seamless gutter installer, a master sider and an expert metal roofing installer. He is experienced in vinyl siding, wood shake siding, cedar siding, and the installation of cultured stone. Shannon has trained extensively in the operation of our Englert metal panel machine in order to provide custom made, high quality metal roofs that are created on site! He has his 10 hour and 40 hour certification from OSHA, he is an EPA certified Lead Paint Renovator, and he has his Scaffold Assembly certification, welding certification, and has over 20 years of carpentry experience.  

  • Leroy Swannagan, Supervisor

    Leroy became an employee of Van Derhoof Roofing in 2003 and started out working as a ground laborer.  Leroy learned all of the necessary aspects of the roofing trade and became a foreman in 2013.  Through hard work and perseverance, Leroy has become a valuable employee by bringing those characteristics to work every day and teaching his workers the same skills he has learned.  Leroy is a GAF Master Elite Shingler, 10 hr. OSHA Safety Certified,  and a 2009 Steep Slope Certified recipient.  Leroy will continue to receive training to guarantee the safety of his workers and to keep up to date with manufacturer specifications.

  • Andrew Peters, Foreman

    Andrew, or Drew for short, was hired in 2008 as a laborer.  Drew’s versatility allowed him to float around to many different crews and learn this trade from different foreman including Brian McGiveron, Andy Baron, and Tom Benedict.  In 2013, Drew became a foreman overseeing projects with 5 workers.  Drew’s attention to mechanical detail and his visualization allow Drew to tackle difficult leaking situations that were done incorrectly and fix them properly.  Drew is a 2009 GAF Steep Slope Certified installer and 10 hr. OSHA Safety Certified.

  • Bob McIntyre, Head Serviceman/Siding Installer

    Bob McIntyre started working for Van Derhoof Roofing in 1984 after attending Onondaga Community College, majoring in Accounting.  Like most of the other workers during this time, Bob, also known by his peers as Marvin, started working with the commercial crew on flat roofs.  Bob has been trained in the application of single ply flat roofing, an expert installer of many styles of siding, and a master shingle applicator.  Bob’s roofing experiences have made him an expert at locating hard to find leaks and he has been able to solve many leaking roof mysteries which make him a very valuable serviceman.  Bob has been referred to by many customers as “The Roof Doctor”.  Bob is a certified EPA Lead Paint Renovator and has his 10 hour OSHA certification.

  • John Gallivan, Serviceman

    John Gallivan graduated from West Genesee High School and started work at Van Derhoof Roofing in 1989.  John has been a leader for the hot crew, a company foreman, a serviceman, and most recently he is a technical specialist.  His experiences over the last 20 years have helped him repair many difficult roofing problems such as improperly installed skylights, chimney re-flashing, and small flat roofs.  John’s training he received for using the torch enables him to repair and replace many small, flatter roofs that other company’s cannot safely do.  John is a master installer of many styles of siding, trim, and fascia.  John has his 10 hour OSHA Safety certification and is a certified EPA Lead Paint Renovator. 

  • John Doyle, Serviceman

    John began his career with us in 2014 after being a truck mechanic and working for himself as a contractor for awhile, his wife suggested he try working for the company her brother and uncle work for and he's been with us ever since! When he first started, he worked under Mike Baker for a few weeks, then with Tom Benedict as a laborer before finally ending up on Drew's crew. As a result of Drew's supervision and  leadership, John gained most of his roofing knowledge and expertise and due to his enthusiasm for learning the trade, he was able to be promoted to foreman after just a few years under Drew's guidance. In the spring of 2022 John was promoted to serviceman thanks to his extensive knowledge and ability to problem solve! Congratulations John! In his spare time, John has grown to love simply being with his family and friends. 

Office Personnel

  • Judy Levin, Secretary / Human Resources

    Judy Levin came to Van Derhoof Roofing in 1992 after 30 years of service with The Bell System, currently known as Verizon. Judy is the Van Derhoof Roofing office manager and her responsibilities include accounts payable, accounts receivable, filing, and payroll. Judy is an extremely vital part of the Van Derhoof Roofing process and without her, the Van Derhoof team would not run as smoothly as it does now. Judy loves golf, bowling, long walks, and spending time being a grandmother of her two son's children.

Warehouse Associates

  • Mike Sorrendino, Warehouse Manager / Delivery Driver

    Mike Sorrendino started working at Van Derhoof Roofing in 2000 after working for Midas for 13 years as a mechanic. Mike is in charge of the Van Derhoof Roofing warehouse inventory, organizing deliveries, and making sure that every job site is prepared for the roofing crew. It is his responsibility to pull all materials needed, deliver them and set up all material at the jobs sites. Mike's past experiences as a mechanic have made him a very reliable asset to our company. With his knowledge of machinery he is able to repair tools that may break down and he is also able to perform scheduled maintenance on the trucks and forklift. Mike is a recent graduate of Camden High School and a 2000 graduate of National Tractor Trailer School out of Liverpool.

  • Aaron Woods, Trailer Driver & Warehouse Maintenance

    Aaron began his career with us in June of 2013 after serving for eight years in the United States Army. He worked as a roofing laborer under Andy Baron and because of his skill and versatility he has worked with 4 other crews since then. In 2022 we were in need of extra help moving and delivering trailers to jobsites, Aaron had eight years of experience moving trailers while serving in the army, so he was asked to step up and help us! Aaron has always been a team player with a positive attitude, he's a great asset to our company. In his spare time he loves being with his family and two grandbabies. 

  • Jay Lent, Trailer Delivery Driver & Warehouse Supervisor

    Jay was welcomed to VanDerhoof Roofing in the spring of 2023 after many years of operating his own landscaping business here in Central New York. His friends, Sean Woolman and Mike Baker who work for VanDerhoof, told him to apply! Jay has been a perfect fit with our company, he's an incredibly hard worker, driven, motivated and fun to be around! Jay is from CNY, he loves to spend time with his family and in the great outdoors hunting and fishing.

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